Volume 8, Issue 1

Perioperative Management of The Diabetic Patient: A Brief Review

Suwarna Anand, M.D. and Anand M Prem, M.D.

Protecting the Protectors Through Natural and Social Supports for Fathers During the Transition to Parenthood

John R. Holmberg and Carolyn J. Dayton

The Indications and Outcomes of Admission of Patients with Diabetes Mellitus to The Diabetic and Endocrine Center in Tripoli, Libya, 2015

Halla Elshwekh, Nesrein M. Bendala, Haifa Elhadi Alshwikh, Ariej M. Mustafa, Aida Elkituni

Economic and Financial Issues in Pancreas Transplantation

Rainer W.G. Gruessner and Angelika C. Gruessner

Dementia – At the Perilous Crossroad of Dengue

Mohammad Azizur Rahman, Umme Habiba

The Power of Silence

Ines Estrada Vigil

Foodborne Bacterial Diseases Due to Consumption of Meat, Fish and Poultry Products

Shymaa Shaltout and Fahim Shaltout

Questions for Proponents of Bekesy's Theory

Jan Myjkowski

Obeticholic Acid- An FXR Agonist Following Living Donor Liver Transplantation: Hope or Hype?

Anila Kutty Narayanan, Saraswathy S Nair, Binoj ST, Dinesh Balakrishnan, Unnikrishnan Gopalakrishnan, Shweta Mallick, Nafiya Muhammed Zackariah, Sudhindran Surendran.

Modern Low-Back Pain Diagnosis and Treatment Strategy

Prof. Xiaoqiong Yang, Yangyang Wang, Ting Wu, Zhengmin Zuo