Journal of Dynamics of Machines

ISSN 2690-0963

Journal of Dynamics of Machines

Journal Of Dynamics of Machines is a peer reviewed open access journal are the complete coverage of all topics in Strength of Materials, Beams, Stress and Strain Relations and all relevant areas The objective of the journal is to publish original research works, , short communications, conference abstracts, reviews and letters to the editor.

Fields of research is not limited to vibrating systems, vibration measuring instruments, numerical methods for multi-degree of freedom systems, Dunkerley’s equations, vibration of continuous systems, random vibrations, the balancing of machinery: rigid rotors, reciprocating machines, flywheels, planar linkages, balancing machines and instrumentation, and cam dynamics, gyroscope and governors. Shear strain relations etc,.

The articles will be published every three months available in online and print version which is immediately available to download, distribute and translate with great access

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