Journal of Social Studies and Humanities


Volume 1, Issue 1


Al-Ghazali on the Benefits of Friendship

M. Sh. Fayzulloeva
Short Article: JSSH 1(1): 101

Enigmatic Predicament as a Central Motif in Don DeLillos The Names

Dr. J. Kastrokumar, Dr. V. Gnanaprakasam
Research Article: JSSH 1(1): 102

Eleventh Addenda to Criticism of the Current Science in the World

Pejman Malekinejad
Research Article: JSSH 1(1): 103

Volume 2, Issue 1

An Inter Textual Educational Ethnographic Classroom Encounter

Keith V. Bletzer
Research Article: JSSH 2(1): 101

Africasian Democracy: A Political Prescription for Good Governance in Nigeria

Terry Andrews Odisu
Research Article: JSSH 2(1): 102