Journal of Ophthalmology and Vision


Volume 1, Issue 1

Primary Lens Extraction in Angle Closure Glaucoma-Is It Effective?

Divya Jain
Editorial: JOV 1(1): e101

Effect of Subconjunctival Anesthesia on Clinical Outcomes of Conjunctival Flap Surgery in Cases with Infectious Keratitis

Zhiwei Li, Changxia Cui, Xiaohua Mu, Visha Jhanji, Xiangchen Tao, Guoying Mu
Research Article: JOV 1(1): 102

Bilateral Exudative Retinal Detachment: A Complication of HELLP Syndrome

Kurumkattil R, Parashar N, Sharma VK, Trehan HS, Dhar SK
Case Report: JOV 1(1): 103