Journal of English Literature and Language

ISSN 2767-2964


Volume 1, Issue 1

Introduction to the Study of Kitab al-Hikayat al-Ajiba wa-l-Akhbar al-Ghariba

Dr. Luisa Maria Arvide Cambra
Research article: JELL 1(1): 101


Toleration as a Subject for World Education? Past and Present Perspectives for Students the World Over Based on Literary-Historical Material

Albrecht Classen
Research article: JELL 1(1): 102


Afterthoughts on Semantics of Compounds

Anahit Hovhannisyan
Research article: JELL 1(1): 103


Volume 2, Issue 1

The Shakespeare Authorship Question: A Case Study in Bourdieuian Class Maintenance

Dr. David Christopher
Research article: JELL 2(1): 104


Evil is the Root of All Money: Performing Usury and Homosocial Credit in Elizabethan/Jacobean England

Dr. David Christopher
Research article: JELL 2(1): 105


Mediation Analysis in Linguistics: Essentials for Good Practice

Kamel Boustani
Review article: JELL 2(1): 106


A Needs Analysis Questionnaire: Designing and Evaluation

Kaskani Aliki, Zafiri Makrina-Nina, Dimogeronta Panagiota
Research article: JELL 2(1): 107


Pragmatic Study of Photo Captions on the Amotekun Security outfit of South West Nigeria

Cynthia Nkechinyere Odogwu
Research article: JELL 2(1): 108


Animal Proverbs in Jordanian Popular Culture: A Thematic and Translational Analysis

Mohammed Farghal
Research article: JELL 2(1): 109


Language Policy as a Barrier between Practitioners and Patients: A Study on Spoken Communication in Saudi Hospitals

Wejdan Saad Alkahtani and Mona Obaid Alrahman Turjoman
Research article: JELL 2(1): 110