Journal of Electronics and Sensors

ISSN 2689-6958

Volume 1, Issue 1


Security and Privacy in Data Networks

Christos Beretas
Review Article: JES 1(1): 101


A carbon ink screen-printed immunoelectrode for Dengue virus NS1protein detection based on photosynthesized amine gold nanoparticles

Ana C. M. Silva, Jamil Saade, Ma. Izabel F. Guedes, Marli T. Cordeiro , Rosa F. Dutra
Research Article: JES 1(1): 102


Impact of overlapping inthe radio coverage areas of multiple Wi-Fi access points on detecting encounters

Karim Keramat Jahromi, Md Aktaruzzaman, Mehdi Jalili
Review Article: JES 1(1): 103


Volume 2, Issue 1


Investigation of Hybrid Renewable Energy Source and Hybrid Energy Storage System

Aktas A, Kircicek Y
Research Article: JES 2(1): 104


Internet of Things (IoT) is Smart Homes and the Risks

Christos Beretas
Short Communication: JES 2(1): 105


Verification of Antenna Sensor with Commercial Handsets By Applying Radiative Calibration Method

Dongil Y, Hanyeop L, Seon-Jun K, John M
Review Article: JES 2(1): 106


Fault Tolerant Reliable Protocol (FTRP) Performance Evaluation in Wireless Sensor Networks: An Extensitive Study

Islam Ahmed Moursy, Mohamed Nazih ElDerini, Magdy Abd-Elazim Ahmed
Review Article: JES 2(1): 107


Volume 3, Issue 1


Electrochemical Determination of Trace Pb (II) by The Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode Compositing Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes-Nafion-Bi Film

Yang Gao, Rui Wang, Zhengyin Lu, Xiaoming Huang, Qianjin Yue
Research Article: JES 3(1): 108


Polymer Electronic System

Shribala N, Mary JS, Mounika N, Manasa P, Pragnya K
Review Article: JES 3(1): 109


Broadband Proximity Coupled Microstrip Planar Antenna Array For 5g Cellular Applications

Shribala N, Mary JS, Mounika N, Manasa P, Pragnya K
Research Article: JES 3(1): 110


Smart Cameras in Embedded Systems

Shribala N, Mary JS, Mounika N, Manasa P, pragnya K
Research Article: JES 3(1): 111


Metal Oxide Thin Films for Chemical and UV Sensors

Abbas M, Shah NA
Review Article: JES 3(1): 112


Optimum Composition of Vacuum Content in a Spiral-Like Flexible Chimney-Based LED Bulb 1

Wang W, Wang z, Xu Y, Su X, Zhang M, Zhang C, Li Y, Wu H, Shi M, Yang B, Li Y, Zou J
Review Article: JES 3(1): 113


Study on Optical and Thermal Uniformity of LED Filament Based on Flip Chip 1

Wang W, Wang z, Xu Y, Su X, Zhang M, Zhang C, Li Y, Wu H, Shi M, Yang B, Li Y, Zou J
Review Article: JES 3(1): 114


Volume 4, Issue 1

Inhomogeneous Bonding in Low-TemperatureSoldering: Brief Review

Suhir E
Mini Review: JES 4(1): 001


Medical Undertakings Should Be Quantified to Have A Potential to Be Improved

Suhir E
Mini Review: JES 4(1): 002