International Journal of Neuroscience and Research

ISSN 2578-4870

Articles in press

Volume 1, Issue 1

Articles in press

Palindrome Mediated Translocation in Human: Where do we go from Here?

Ashok Kumar, Poonam Tripathi, Sarita Agarwal
Research article: ijnr2017 1(1): 101


A pilot study of a brief intervention program (RECHARGE) to reduce sleep-wake and circadian rhythm disturbances in youth being treated for depression

Ashlee B Grierson, Jan Scott, Joanne S Carpenter, Django White, Sharon L Naismith, Elizabeth M Scott, Ian B Hickie
Research article: ijnr2017 1(1): 102


Cerebral Hypoxia can lead to Personality Changes: A Review

Swati Srivastava
Review article: ijnr2017 1(1): 103


Volume 2, Issue 1

A Brief History of Arguments in Resting-state Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Research

Xiangyu Long
Editorial Article: ijnr2018 2(1): e104


Factors Driving an Egyptian Adolescent Girl to Drug Addiction: A Case Study

Amira Mohammed Ali
Case Report : ijnr2018 2(1): 105


Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures: A Case Report

Venkata Sunil Bendi
Case Report : ijnr2018 2(1): 105