International Journal of Food Sciences and Research

ISSN 2576-3733


Volume 1, Issue 1

Opportunity and Constraints of Livestock Feed Resources in Abol and Lare Districts of Gambella Region, Ethiopia

Emana Megersa Mammo, Ashenafi Mengistu, Getahun Asebe
Research article: ijfsr2017 1(1): 101


Aroma in Fermented Beverages: The Role of Non- Conventional Yeasts

Amparo Gamero
Editorial article: ijfsr2017 1(1): e102


Aged and Unaged Garlic Exerts Differential Effects on Cellular Aging via Modulation of Tissue Degradative and Antioxidant Enzymes Activity – A Cell-Free in Vitro Study

Latasha Leo, Aileen Low, Wai Mun Loke
Research article: ijfsr2017 1(1): 103


Importance of Neo-formed Contaminants (NFCs) in Chemical Food Safety

Franco Pedreschi Plasencia
Editorial article: ijfsr2017 1(1): e104


Volume 2, Issue 1

Effect of Chickpea in the Physicochemical And Sensorial Properties of Third Generation Extruded Snacks

Avalos-Esparza LM, Gaytan-Martinez M, Morales-Sanchez E, Reyes-Vega ML
Research article: ijfsr2020 2(1): 105


The Quality of the Food which we Eat

Sinisa Franjic
Research article: ijfsr2020 2(1): 106


Nutritional Profile and Physicochemical Properties of Improved Apple (Malus domestica L.) Varieties in Ethiopia

Kebede Dinkecha, Hatam Setu, Esayas Abrha
Research article: ijfsr2020 2(1): 107


Production, Isolation and Identification of Microbes in Home-made Complementary Food Flour Based on Maize-Pigeon Pea Flour

Okoronkwo, Christopher U, Nwachukwu, Ndubuisi O and Amaechi Nuria Chinenye
Research article: ijfsr2020 2(1): 108