Archives of Health Science

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Volume 7, Issue 1

Uncover the Hidden Message in DNA

Prof. Dr. Willie Sai Ho Chan, LLB, MD
Short Report: ahs 7(1): 001


Volume 6, Issue 1

Case Report: Subacute Thyroiditis triggered by Sinovac and Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine

Ratchaneewan Salao
Case Report: ahs 6(1): 001


COVID-19 Pneumonia with Flask-shape Cardiomegaly and Bilateral Pleural Effusion; Good Outcome and Possible Differentiation

Yasser Mohammed Hassanain Elsayed
Case Report: ahs 6(1): 002


Clinical Ecology and its Repercussions on General Medicine and Epidemiology

Jose Luis Turabian
Research Article: ahs 6(1): 003


Covid-19 Declines: The Implications for the End of the Pandemic

Akwashiki Ombugadu, David S Stephen, Sylvester A Attah, Hasley L Njila, Benjamin O Echor, Samson A Da an, James I Maikenti, Anzaku A Abbas, Joseph O Ayim, Vitus C Ezuluebo, Gideon G Deme, Esla A Akpason, Gladys A Angbalaga
Research Article: ahs 6(1): 004


Further in-silico Evidence for the Evolution of Transfer RNA from Ribozymes

Bruce K. Kowiatek
Research Article: ahs 6(1): 005


Effective Treatment of Vitiligo with Resonance Medicine Method

Praznikov Viktor, MD, PhD
Research Article: ahs 6(1): 006


Leave No Preschool-Aged Children Behind: Urogenital Schistosomiasis in Four Communities of a Metropolitan City in Central Nigeria

Ombugadu A, Abe E M, Musa S L, Ezuluebo, V C Pam, V A, Ajah, L J, Njila, H L, Maikenti, J I, Aimankhu, O P, Ahmed, H O, Ishaya, E N, Uzoigwe, N R
Research Article: ahs 6(1): 007


Aging and Social Security system in Nepal

Hom Nath Chalise
Research Article: ahs 6(1): 008


Then and Now: Regenerative Medicine --- A Short Over view

Prof. Dr. Willie Sai Ho Chan, LLB, MD
Short Report: ahs 6(1): 009


Sars-Cov-2 Dependent Variables are most important in Epidemiological Triad during Covid-19 Pandemic Evolution. A Comparison Study of Unvaccinated Covid-19 Cases in 2020 with Not Fully Vaccinated Covid-19 Cases in 2021

Jose Luis Turabian
Research Article: ahs 6(1): 010


Volume 5, Issue 1

Potential Abuse of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT)

Bennie Lindeque
Editorial Article: ahs 5(1): 001


A Novel Wound and Soft Tissue Flap Negative Pressure Drain System - a Pilot Study

Steven D. Jones Jr MD, Parker J. Prusick MD, Bennie G. Lindeque MD PhD
Research Article: ahs 5(1): 002


Mercy Not Sacrifice: Lessons from Christianity for COVID-19 Pandemic

Ahmed M. Abbas, Marina Farah Fawzy, Mark Mohsen Nady
Review Article: ahs 5(1): 003


Look at the COVID-19 Pandemic with an Open Mind

Igor Klepikov MD
Mini Review Article: ahs 5(1): 004


Tooth Avulsion Replantation Management: A Review Article

Nanda Rachmad Putra Gofur, Aisyah Rachmadani Putri Gofur, Soesilaningtyas,Rizki Nur Rachman Putra Gofur, Mega Kahdina, Hernalia Martadila Putri
Review Article: ahs 5(1): 005


Unique Application of K-Y Jelly in Cryotherapy for Giant Cell Tumors of the Distal Femur - A Case Report

Stephen D. Daniels, MD, Steven Jones, MD, Bennie Lindeque, MD, Phd
Case Report: ahs 5(1): 006


Effect of Female Genital Cutting on the Sexual Function among Egyptian Women: A Cross-Sectional Study

Reham M. Abdel Gaber, Mennatallah M. Samir, Ahmed M. Abbas, Emad Eldien Kamal
Research Article: ahs 5(1): 007


What the History of Medical Care for Acute Lung Inflammation Teaches Us

Igor Klepikov
Editorial Article: ahs 5(1): 008


Working from Home and Other Home Activities during a COVID-19 Lockdown

Tiffany Field, Samantha Poling, Shantay Mines, Debra Bende and Connie Veazey
Research Article: ahs 5(1): 009


In Vitro Antibacterial Activity of Gynandropsis gynandra on some Pathogenic Enteric Bacterial Isolates

Muhammad S. Abdallah, Aminu M.A, Nasiru S. Gital, Lurwan Mu azu and Muhammad Ali
Research Article: ahs 5(1): 010


Gardnerella Vaginalis Associated Bacterial Vaginosis: A Review Article

Nanda Rachmad Putra Gofur, Aisyah Rachmadani Putri Gofur, Soesilaningtyas, Rizki Nur Rachman Putra Gofur, Mega Kahdina, Hernalia Martadila Putri
Review Article: ahs 5(1): 011


Awareness and Preparedness of Egyptian House Officers toward COVID-19 Pandemic

Mahmoud M. Saad, Hossam Aldein S. AbdElazeem, Mohamed Hossam Saied, Mostafa Shehata Qatora, Eman Ibrahim Hager, Hossam AboRaya, Mohamed AbdELRhman ELassy, Mariam T. Amin, Ahmed Y. Abdelbadee, Ahmed M. Abbas
Research Article: ahs 5(1): 012


COVID-19 Pandemic and Blood Donation Services:Perspective of Low-Resource Country

Ahmed M. Abbas, MD, Shymaa S. Ali, MD
Short Communication: ahs 5(1): 013


Development of a Physicians Choice Model Using Mixed Logit with Random Prices for Drugs Case Study on Diabetes Type II

Prof Christine C Huttin, Prof Jerry Hausman
Research Article: ahs 5(1): 014


Misoprostol plus Isosorbide Mononitrate versus Misoprostol for Termination of Anembryonic Pregnancy

Essam Al-Din M. Khalifa, Mohamad S. Abdellah, Mahmoud A. Abdelaleem, Samah Saad
Research Article: ahs 5(1): 015


Volume 4, Issue 1

Potential and Mentality of Genius and Inspiration and Milestone Breakthroughs: Longevity, Aging-Related Diseases and Beyond

Yue Zhang
Research article: ahs 4(1): 107


Oral Lesion Associated with Hypertension: A Mini Review

Achmad Zam Zam Aghasy, Nanda Rachmad Putra Gofur, Meircurius Dwi Condro Surboyo, Aisyah Rachmadani Putri Gofur
Mini Review Article: ahs 4(1): 108


The Invertebrate Antibody

Michel Leclerc
Editorial Article: ahs 4(1): 109


Anti-Bacterial Mechanisms for Ag+, Cu2+, and Zn2+ Ion Solutions against Staphylococcus Aureus and Escherichia Coli

Dr Sci Tsuneo Ishida
Research Article : ahs 4(1): 110


Social Evolution and Health of Man

Apanasenko G L
Research Article: ahs 4(1): 111


A COVID-19 Young Girl Patient with Developing Pneumonia and Septic Shock Passing the Death

Yasser Mohammed Hassanain Elsayed
Case report: ahs 4(1): 112


Cure of Autistic Disorders: Mission Impossible is Possible in an Illustrated Pioneering Experience

Aamir Jalal Al-Mosawi
Research Article: ahs 4(1): 113


COVID-19 and Intrauterine Fetal Death (IUFD): Possible Immunological Causes and Pathologies

Ahmed M. Abbas, Mariam Salah Moris, Mohamed Salah Abdo, Fatma A. El-Saaid Monib, Hala Hashem, Mohamed Ashraf Salah, Ebrahim A. Yousof, Mohamed M.Abdelkarem, Nehal Gamal Omar, Hajer Y. Moustafa, Omar A. Ahmed
Review Article: ahs 4(1): 114


The Enclosed Leviathan- Pleomorphic Fibroma

Dr Anubha Baja
Review Article: ahs 4(1): 115


Embryogenesis of an Invertebrate Lymphoid Organ: The Asterina Gibbosa Axial Organ (Asterids, Echinodermata)

Michel Leclerc
Short Communication: ahs 4(1): 116


Role of Co-Infection in the Immunopathology of COVID-19 in pregnancy

Ahmed M. Abbas, Shimaa Salah, Safaa K. Fathy, Alaa Rashad, Asmaa AboBakr, Ebrahim A. Yousof, Ahmed Saeed, Eshak N. Youssef, Asmaa S. Shaltout, Omar A. Ahmed
Review Article: ahs 4(1): 117


Metformin and Exercise; the Effects of Metformin in the Body Building to Minimize the Effects of the Use of Anabolics: Case Report for a Randomized Controlled Trial

Khaled Hamlaoui, Dario Furnari
Research Article: ahs 4(1): 118


A Corrected H-Index for Academic Leadership Determination: A Bibliographic Research

Aamir Jalal Al-Mosawi
Research Article: ahs 4(1): 119


Investigation the Importance of Metabolism on Body Weight and Glucose for 8.5 Years using GH-Method:Math-Physical Medicine (No. 300)

Gerald C. Hsu
Research Article: ahs 4(1): 120


Feeling Isolated and Lonely During Covid-19 Lockdown

Tiffany Field, Samantha Poling, Shantay Mines, Debra Bendell and Connie Veazey
Research Article: ahs 4(1): 121


Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Behavior Disorder (RBD)

Dr. Behzad Saberi
Mini Review Article: ahs 4(1): 122


A New Way of Learning End-of-Life Care and Providing Public Palliative Care Education in Times of the COVID-19 Pandemic-Online Last Aid Courses

Georg Bollig, Boris Knopf, Stefan Meyer, Marina Schmidt
Opinion Article: ahs 4(1): 123


Epidemiological Survey on the Utilization of Insecticide Treated Mosquito Nets in Malaria Control among Gyadi-Gyadi Communities in Kano, Nigeria

Ahmad Salisu Aliyu, Ahmed Habibu Badawi, Nuru Yakubu Umar, Dalhatu Umar,Hussaini Mohammed
Research Article: ahs 4(1): 124


Three Categories of Mood Stabilizers which are used in Clinical Practice

Dr. Behzad Saberi
Mini Review Article: ahs 4(1): 125


SARS-CoV-2, the Tiny Creature which Scared the Globe

Talleh Almelli, Adel Alhabbal, Louay M.Labban
Research Article: ahs 4(1): 126


Bence-Jones Protein, Rat IGG, H.R.P, Alkaline Phosphatase, Bovine Serum Albumine used as Antigens in the Immune Response of the Sea Star

Michel Leclerc
Short Communication: ahs 4(1): 127


Medical Tourism: The Critical Role between Taiwan and Mainland China

Hsiang-Chun Lin MS, Kong-Sang Wan
Review Article: ahs 4(1): 128


Transcranial Doppler Sonography for Detecting Stenosis or Occlusion of Intracranial Arteries in People with Acute Ischemic Stroke in Neurocritical Care Unit

Dr. Nasir Mustafa
Review Article: ahs 4(1): 129


Effect of COVID-19 Pandemic on Children's Mental Health

Ahmed M.Abbas, Safaa K. Fathy, Abdelrahman M. Mohamed, Fatma A. Omar, Sarah K. Fahmi
Short Communication: ahs 4(1): 130


Aging, Cellular Senescence and Diabetes Mellitus: Clinicopathological Correlates, Trends and Targets

Dr Chrysanthus Chukwuma Sr
Research Article: ahs 4(1): 131


COVID-19: How Does Religion Interact with Pandemic?

Ahmed M. Abbas, Ebrahim Yousof, Shimaa Selim, Safaa Ahmed, Yasmin Ismai
Short Communication: ahs 4(1): 132


COVID-19: A Population-Based Study of 33 Causes of Death amongst Americas Five Ethnic Populations 2015. In Pursuit of Social Justice

Professor Colin Pritchard
Research Article: ahs 4(1): 133


Mixed Mediastinal Germ Cell Tumor: A Case Report

Claribel Plain Pazos, Anel Perez de Alejo Aleman, Isis Dania Gonzalez Hernandez,Carmen Rosa Carmona Penton, Anisbel Perez de Alejo Plain, Dayri Hernandez Escobar, Juan Miguel Albelo Martinez
Case Report: ahs 4(1): 134


Pandemic and Modern Medicine: Time to Recognize and Correct Previous Misconceptions

Igor Klepikov
Mini Review: ahs 4(1): 135


Glucoses and HbA1C Comparison Study between preCOVID-19 and COVID-19 using GH-Method: MathPhysical Medicine (No. 318)

Gerald C. Hsu
Research Article: ahs 4(1): 136


Post COVID-19 Will Telemedicine replace Traditional Medicine?

Bernard F. Pettingill, Federico R. Tewes
Research Article: ahs 4(1): 137


New Information Revealed about the Trial of the Discontinued Vaccine Astrazeneca-Oxford Project.Losing Hopes

Shimon Shatzmiller, Inbal Lapidot
Case Report: ahs 4(1): 138


Antibacterial Activity of Commiphora Africana Leaf Extracts on Some Bacteria Associated with Persistent Diarrhea

Ja afar S. Adam1, Abdullahi A. Minjibir, Muhammad S. Abdallah, Lurwan Mu azu,Muhammad Ali
Research Article: ahs 4(1): 139


A Historic Multi-Nodular Goiter Presenting with Compressive Symptoms: A Case Report

Hicham Lyoubi,Hicham Ngham,Chaker Kaoutar, Omar Wydadi, Youssef Oukessou,Reda Allah Abada, Sami Rouadi, Mohammed Roubal, Mohammed Mahtar
Case Report: ahs 4(1): 140


Changes in Synaptic Terminal Structure in Adolescent Rat during Pregnancy; The Action Potential Propagation and Synaptic Transmission

Opeyemi Oluwasanmi Adeloye, Oyeneyin Babatunde David, Samuel Olawuwo, Roseline kehinde Adeloye
Research Article: ahs 4(1): 141


Multimorbidity, Drug Combinations, Spike Epitopes and Fast Testing as Central Factors in COVID-19 Treatments

Shimon Shatzmiller, Galina zZats, Inbal Lapidot and Rami Krieger
Letter: ahs 4(1): 142


Current Status and Prevention of COVID-19?What Do We Know?

Sunil J. Wimalawansa,
A Perspective: ahs 4(1): 143


The Impact of COVID-19 on Telemedicine

Katelyn S. Ge, Laura A.Held
Research Article: ahs 4(1): 144


Examining Constraints to Sport Participation among Immigrant Adolescent Girls who reside in the Greater Toronto Area

Samah Mohammed, Serene Kerpan, Wendy Stanyon, and Caroline Barakat
Research Article: ahs 4(1): 145


Prevention, Control and Treatment Strategies for Trypanosomiasis: A Review

Tinuoye, O.O., Muhammad Ali, Muhammad S. Abdallah and Lurwan Muazu
Review Article: ahs 4(1): 146


Frequency and Predictors of Tonsil Surgery: A Systematic Review of Evidence

Kaveh Kayvani, Otto Sanchez, Brenda Gamble, Samah Mohammed, Caroline Barakat
Review Article: ahs 4(1): 147


Boredom and Psychological Problems during a COVID-19 Lockdown

Tiffany Field, Samantha Poling, Shantay Mines, Miguel Diego, Debra Bendel,and Connie Veazey
Research Article: ahs 4(1): 148


Is it True that the Corona Virus will take a Few Years to Get Completely Eradicated?

Shimon Shatzmiller, GalinasZats, Rami Krieger and Inbal Lapidot
Opinion Article: ahs 4(1): 149


Post COVID-19 Effects on Different Body Systems: A Literature Review

Ahmed M.Abbas, Micheal Mohab Nady, Reem sayad, Asmaa AbouBakr, Safaa K Fathy, Zeinab M Tag, Fatma A. Omar
Review Article: ahs 4(1): 150


Global Dimensions of Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Aetiology (CKDu); A Comparison Study

Chamodika Lowe and Fahim Aslam
Mini-Review: ahs 4(1): 151


Fourteen Centuries of Precautions against COVID-19

Ahmed M. Abbas, Safaa K. Fathy, Yasser M. Abd Elaal, Hanan F. Fouly,Randa Wanees Ahmed
Short Communication: ahs 4(1): 152


Quantity of Fluoridated Toothpaste Children Use for Daily Brushing

Gabriel Sidney Espanhol, DDS Juliana Arid, DDS, MSc, PhD, Paulo Nelson Filho, DDS,MSc, PhD, Erika Calvano Kuchler, DDS, MSc, PhD, Francisco Wanderley Garcia de Paula-Silva, DDS, MSc, PhD, Milena Rodrigues Carvalho, DDS, MSc, PhD, Marilia Pacifico Lucisano, DDS, MSc, PhD, Alexandra Mussolino de Queiroz, DDS, MSc, PhD
Research Article: ahs 4(1): 153


Surgical Stabilization of Flail Chest after Blunt Trauma

Dusan Janicic, Ljiljana Krupljanin, Branko Strbac
Research Article: ahs 4(1): 154


Role of Anxiety and Depression in Altering Immune System Associated with Breast Cancer. Systematic Review

Masoumeh Ahmed Kazemi, Hamid Yahay Hussain
Review Article: ahs 4(1): 155


Volume 3, Issue 1

What Stimulates Proactive Behaviour of Midwifery Students during their Education?

Eveline Mestdagh, Van Endert Nadja, Van Rompaey Bart, Timmermans Olaf
Research article: ahs 3(1): 105


Earlier Introduction to Job Applications for UK Medical Students

Shaikh FA
Research article: ahs 3(1): 106


Volume 2, Issue 1

Politics of Evidence and Right to Health Care in India: The Challenges in Fixing Accountability of Medical Doctors in Patient Rights Violations in the Private Health Care Sector in India

E Premdas Pinto, Akhila Vasan, Vijayakumar Seethappa, Teena Xavier
Research article: ahs 2(1): 103


Comparing the Caries Prevalence between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Children in Remote New South Wales, Australia: A Cross Sectional Study

Leanne Smith, Anthony Blinkhorn, Ngiare Brown, Fiona Blinkhorn
Research article: ahs 2(1): 104


Volume 1, Issue 1

Vectorial-transmission Risk Assessment of Leishmaniasis due to the Presence of Sand Flies in Northwest Morocco

Aziz El Aasri, Youssef El Madhi, Nizar Shawket, Arwa AL Khali, Khadija El Karrim, Driss Belghyti
Research article: ahs 1(1): 101


Debt and Mental Illness: An Untreated Public Health Epidemic

Sara Spowart
Editorial article: ahs 1(1): e102