Annals of veterinary Science

ISSN 2691-5502


Volume 5, Issue 1

Effect of Selenium Enriched Yeast Culture Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Supplementation in TMR of Pregnant Heifers and Cows on the Colostrum Quality

Martina Frohdeova1, Petr Dolezal, Zdenek Havlicek, Katarzyna Szwedziak, Gniewko Niedbala4, Leos Pavlata
Research Article: AVS 5(1): 001


Effects of Storage on Nutritional Compositions and Microbial Load of Kiln-Dried, Oven-Dried, Solar-Dried and Refrigerated Fowl Eggs

Idahor K.O., Awogbenja D.M., Sati N.M., Emennaa P.E
Research Article: AVS 5(1): 002


Volume 4, Issue 1

Integrated Livestock Farming: A Holistic Management Approach

Waiz HA, Kumari M, Shende KA
Short Article : AVS 4(1): 001


Serum Heat Shock Protein (HSP70) Changes In Horses After An Acute Exercise

Medica P, Cravana C, Giunta RP, Marino A, Ferlazzo AM
Research Article : AVS 4(1): 002


Effects of Double Layer Centrifugation on the Improvement of Sperm Quality in Dogs: A Comparative Note among Different Breeds

Quartuccio M, Liotta L, Cristarella S, Medica P, Bionda A, Caristina G, Satue K, Fazio E
Research Article : AVS 4(1): 003


Seroprevalence for Evidence Detection of Borrelia Infection in Dogs

Hassenin ASH, Durrani AZ
Research Article : AVS 4(1): 004


Animals and We

Voinov K
Short Article : AVS 4(1): 005


Immunotherapy for Dogs: Still Running Behind

Hans Klingemann
Research Article : AVS 4(1): 006


Volume 3, Issue 1

Advanced Ocular Lesions in Growing Calves with Avitaminosis A

Katsoulos PD, Dedousi A
Clinical Image: AVS 3(1): 103


Harmonal Variations in Rutual Period in Male Dromadaire (Camelus dromedarius) at Niono's Agronomic Research Station in Mali

Dolo M, Dolo O, Ouologuem B, Tangara M, Teme N, Kamga Waladjo AR, Dieng A
Research Article : AVS 3(1): 104


A Preliminary Study of Heavy Metals in Thais g radata Collected from Kuala Sungai Ayam and Pantai Lido, Peninsular Malaysia

Yap CK, Chew W, Cheng WH, Lo WS, Nulit R, Peng SHT, Yap CW, Leow CS, Ismail MS
Research Article : AVS 3(1): 105


The Procedure for Collecting Medicinal Plants, Basic Tools and Technology for Preparing Medicinal Forms from their Raw Materials

Noila S
Short Article : AVS 3(1): 106


Complications of Drug Treatment and Measures to Eliminate Them

Noila S
Short Article : AVS 3(1): 107


The study of the properties of garlic onion

Noila S
Short Article : AVS 3(1): 108


Poisoning rabbits pyretroid drug esfenvalerate: diagnosis, treatment and prevention

Salimova Iroda Yunusovna
Research Article : AVS 3(1): 109


Technogenic Factors and Their Consequences

Salimov Yunus
Short Article : AVS 3(1): 110


Toxicological Properties of Artificial Pyrethroid Cypermethrin

Salimov Yunus, Nurullaev Alisher Abdullaevich
Research Article : AVS 3(1): 111


Toxicology of the Drug Cypervit

Salimov Yunus, Nurullaev Alisher Abdullaevich
Research Article : AVS 3(1): 112


Differential Equation Analysis on COVID-19

Wang Z, Yu Z, Tian C, Rodriguez LC, Batista LS,Zhao B
Research Article : AVS 3(1): 113


Help to Our Home Dogs

Voinov K
Short Article : AVS 3(1): 114


One of the Possible Food Allowance for The Elderly Man and For Domestic Animals

Voinov K
Short Article : AVS 3(1): 115


Volume 2, Issue 1

The Importance of Sounds to Fishes

AD Hawkins
Review Article: AVS 2(1): 102


Volume 1, Issue 1

A Scoping Review of Research on the Cranial Molecular Counter-Current Transfer in Mammals

Xinyu Liu, Chris Araujo, Pawel M Bartlewski
Review Article: AVS 1(1): 101