Journal of Electronics and Sensors

ISSN 2689-6958

Volume 1, Issue 1


Security and Privacy in Data Networks

Christos Beretas
Review Article: JES 1(1): 101


A carbon ink screen-printed immunoelectrode for Dengue virus NS1protein detection based on photosynthesized amine gold nanoparticles

Ana C. M. Silva, Jamil Saade, Ma. Izabel F. Guedes, Marli T. Cordeiro , Rosa F. Dutra
Research Article: JES 1(1): 102


Impact of overlapping inthe radio coverage areas of multiple Wi-Fi access points on detecting encounters

Karim Keramat Jahromi, Md Aktaruzzaman, Mehdi Jalili
Review Article: JES 1(1): 103


Volume 2, Issue 1


Investigation of Hybrid Renewable Energy Source and Hybrid Energy Storage System

Aktas A, Kircicek Y
Research Article: JES 2(1): 104


Internet of Things (IoT) is Smart Homes and the Risks

Christos Beretas
Short Communication: JES 2(1): 105


Verification of Antenna Sensor with Commercial Handsets By Applying Radiative Calibration Method

Dongil Y, Hanyeop L, Seon-Jun K, John M
Review Article: JES 2(1): 106


Fault Tolerant Reliable Protocol (FTRP) Performance Evaluation in Wireless Sensor Networks: An Extensitive Study

Islam Ahmed Moursy, Mohamed Nazih ElDerini, Magdy Abd-Elazim Ahmed
Review Article: JES 2(1): 107


Volume 3, Issue 1


Electrochemical Determination of Trace Pb (II) by The Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode Compositing Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes-Nafion-Bi Film

Yang Gao, Rui Wang, Zhengyin Lu, Xiaoming Huang, Qianjin Yue
Research Article: JES 3(1): 108


Polymer Electronic System

Shribala N, Mary JS, Mounika N, Manasa P, Pragnya K
Review Article: JES 3(1): 109


Broadband Proximity Coupled Microstrip Planar Antenna Array For 5g Cellular Applications

Shribala N, Mary JS, Mounika N, Manasa P, Pragnya K
Research Article: JES 3(1): 110


Smart Cameras in Embedded Systems

Shribala N, Mary JS, Mounika N, Manasa P, pragnya K
Research Article: JES 3(1): 111


Metal Oxide Thin Films for Chemical and UV Sensors

Abbas M, Shah NA
Review Article: JES 3(1): 112


Optimum Composition of Vacuum Content in a Spiral-Like Flexible Chimney-Based LED Bulb1

Wang W, Wang z, Xu Y, Su X, Zhang M, Zhang C, Li Y, Wu H, Shi M, Yang B, Li Y, Zou J
Review Article: JES 3(1): 113


Study on Optical and Thermal Uniformity of LED Filament Based on Flip Chip

Wang W, Wang z, Xu Y, Su X, Zhang M, Zhang C, Li Y, Wu H, Shi M, Yang B, Li Y, Zou J
Review Article: JES 3(1): 114


Volume 4, Issue 1

Inhomogeneous Bonding in Low-TemperatureSoldering: Brief Review

Suhir E
Mini Review: JES 4(1): 001