International Journal of Organic and Inorganic Chemistry

Articles in press

Volume 1, Issue 1

Co2 Capture: State of the Art

Kanti Kumar Athankar
Editorial Article: Chemistry 1(1): e101

How to Design Porous Organic Polymers as Gas Capture?

Emad Yousif, Dina S Ahmed
Editorial Article: Chemistry 1(1): e102

Assembly Study of Melamine and its Derivatives

Emad Yousif, Basheer A. Hamad, Ahmed A. Ahmed, Dina S. Ahmed
Editorial Article: Chemistry 1(1): e103

Performance Study of Organotin (IV) Complexes

Emad Yousif, Hanan Ibraheem, Mustafa Ismael, Dina S. Ahmed
Opinion Article: Chemistry 1(1): e104

Volume 2, Issue 1

Sustainable Nanocomposites for Water Treatment

Abu-Dief AM, Alzahrani SO
Review Article: Chemistry 2(1): 105