International Journal of Organic and Inorganic Chemistry


Volume 1, Issue 1

Co2 Capture: State of the Art

Kanti Kumar Athankar
Editorial Article: Chemistry 1(1): e101

How to Design Porous Organic Polymers as Gas Capture?

Emad Yousif, Dina S Ahmed
Editorial Article: Chemistry 1(1): e102

Assembly Study of Melamine and its Derivatives

Emad Yousif, Basheer A. Hamad, Ahmed A. Ahmed, Dina S. Ahmed
Editorial Article: Chemistry 1(1): e103

Performance Study of Organotin (IV) Complexes

Emad Yousif, Hanan Ibraheem, Mustafa Ismael, Dina S. Ahmed
Opinion Article: Chemistry 1(1): e104

Volume 2, Issue 1

Sustainable Nanocomposites for Water Treatment

Abu-Dief AM, Alzahrani SO
Review Article: Chemistry 2(1): 105

How Mr. Generate respect to girls in Physical home affairs less sunlight pharmacy institutions in Indian University kind of loan paid up through time in Lockdown

Rahul Hajare
Short Article: Chemistry 2(1): 106

Capability of Uranium Heap Leaching from Gattar and El Missikat area, Eastern Desert, Egypt: A kinetic Approach

M S Nagar
Research Article: Chemistry 2(1): 107