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Volume 1, Issue 1

Vectorial-transmission Risk Assessment of Leishmaniasis due to the Presence of Sand Flies in Northwest Morocco

Aziz El Aasri, Youssef El Madhi, Nizar Shawket, Arwa AL Khali, Khadija El Karrim, Driss Belghyti
Research article: ahs 1(1): 101


Debt and Mental Illness: An Untreated Public Health Epidemic

Sara Spowart
Editorial article: ahs 1(1): e102


Volume 2, Issue 1

Politics of Evidence and Right to Health Care in India: The Challenges in Fixing Accountability of Medical Doctors in Patient Rights Violations in the Private Health Care Sector in India

E Premdas Pinto, Akhila Vasan, Vijayakumar Seethappa, Teena Xavier
Research article: ahs 2(1): 103


Comparing the Caries Prevalence between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Children in Remote New South Wales, Australia: A Cross Sectional Study

Leanne Smith, Anthony Blinkhorn, Ngiare Brown, Fiona Blinkhorn
Research article: ahs 2(1): 104


Volume 2, Issue 1

What Stimulates Proactive Behaviour of Midwifery Students during their Education?

Eveline Mestdagh, Van Endert Nadja, Van Rompaey Bart, Timmermans Olaf
Research article: ahs 3(1): 105


Earlier Introduction to Job Applications for UK Medical Students

Shaikh FA
Research article: ahs 3(1): 106


Volume 4, Issue 1

Potential and Mentality of Genius and Inspiration and Milestone Breakthroughs: Longevity, Aging-Related Diseases and Beyond

Yue Zhang
Research article: ahs 4(1): 107